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Welcome To Biker's Toolbox

Welcome to Biker's Toolbox

Biker's Toolbox is run by motorcycle enthusiasts with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the motorcycle trade and engineering spanning decades. We are Bikers and we know what Bikers want - Good value and good service!

There are plenty of businesses selling cheap Far East tools made of cheese! The hand tools we are selling are high quality professional tools that will last a lifetime and many are guaranteed as such, from tool manufacturers such as Signet. Our hand tools won't be the cheapest in the market, and we wouldn't want them to be - we would rather explain the price of quality, than apologise for something less. Cheap tools damage bikes! Our tools, however are very much less expensive than other equivalent tools commonly available.

Like many of you, we miss the good old days when you could go to tool shops and be helped by knowledgable staff with a love of their products.On this web site we aim to sell you the products we know to be good through personal experience. We do our best to keep our prices as low as possible, but obviously there will always be quick-buck merchants selling ridiculously cheap on-line, but they can give real service and will they still be there if you have a problem a few months down the road? Will they give a damn? We want to build a positive relationship with our customers for years to come through good service.

Video Tutorials

Bikers Toolbox Video Tutorials

We are making videos demonstrating how to perform service and maintenance tasks on bikes, such as stripping, cleaning and rebuilding the braking system. We will be providing these video tutorials and demonstrations free for all to use and learn from; all we ask is that you buy your tools from us.

The first is demonstrates how to strip a front hydraulic brake system on an old Kawasaki Z1000A1. We show you drain the fluid, strip and rebuild the calipers and how to bleed up the system we your finished. To view Brake Service video click here

We have a video demonstrating the method used to fit a set of barrels and pistons on a four cylinder engine, showing the best methods we have found to perform this often tricky exercise. To view the piston fitting video click here

We show how to repair / upgrade a thread in a cyclinder head using a Helicoil theads insert kit. To see the video about Helicoils click here

We uncover the mystery of tyre changin, showing you how to fit tyres to your bike - both tubed and tubeless. We also show you how to balance them.
Click here to see our new video on tyre fitting

In Memory of John Hopkins 10th February1960 ~ 2nd April 2016

My very good friend and star of the above videos, John Hopkins, sadly lost his twenty year battle with a degenerative disease in April. He fought long and hard, amazing doctors with his lust for life. He rode at every available opportunity, even when he was so ill he needed friends to help him get on. John had an infectious love of joy and excitment and really lived his life to the full. He would never let an opportunity for fun pass him by and encouraged all his friends to do likewise, even before the heinous, evil virus attacked his heart, starting the swinging of a medical Sword of Damocles. His passing has left a huge whole in my heart and that of his other friends and his widow and three children. As long as there is breath in my body I shall have fond memories of John.


We are setting up an e-mail newsletter informing those interested in any special offers we might have or exciting new products. We will be careful not to alientate you by bombarding you with high pressure sales crap. If you would like to receive our newsletter please click here to subscribe.

IAM - Institute of Advanced Motorists

Bikers Toolbox Video Tutorials

We support the IAM in their endevours to help keep bikers alive and offer members a discount. Please see link on menu to the left.

To find out more click here

Motorcycle Clubs

BikeClub Discounts

We offer paid up members of bike clubs discount on our products.

For more information please click here

New Products

Harley Davidson Oil Filter Socket

Harley Davidson Oil Filter Socket

Harley Davidson Drive Belt Tension Tool

Harley Davidson Drive Belt Tension Tool

Yamaha FJ1100 / FJ1200 / XJR 1200 / XJR 1300 Valve Tool

Yamaha FJ1100 / FJ1200 / XJR 1200 / XJR 1300 Valve Tool